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Our busy lives mean that we often neglect essential preventative care that can save time and money down the road. We track your vaccination records and send a reminder when your next vaccination is due. We'll even help coordinate the distribution of vaccines between medical providers and the companies that make them.

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Vaccine Global, Inc. located in Hammond, Indiana, is a mobile healthcare  start-up company serving the Mid-Western United States. We founded our business when we saw various flaws in the vaccine distribution system. From parents trying to keep their children protected to seniors who don't want to contract the flu. Anyone can lose track of their vaccinations and that is where our company provides value. Even when people remember and make an appointment, sometimes the vaccinations are not always available. We coordinate distribution of vaccines between medical providers and manufacturers to ensure compliance and decrease wastage.
There really is no one else who offers a complete service similar to our company.

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 About James

James is a serial entrepreneur working for a healthcare institution's information system department. Prior to this, he provided healthcare institutions with supplemental staffing, management, and training for more than 10 years. James oversaw operations, education, and marketing, and implemented business plans that led to increased revenue and profits. James has advanced degrees in nursing and a specialized healthcare law degree from Loyola University Law School.

 About Yanette

Yanette has been in the healthcare field for over 15 yrs. She has worked alongside Pediatricians in clinic settings that were socioeconomically challenged. In 2015, she noticed a problem with vaccines such as ongoing shortages, wastages and missed appointments for children wellness checks. As a mother, Yanette was very much aware of how essential these vaccines were for children as well as for young adults. Yanette was determined to figure out how to solve the distribution of vaccines within a timely manner. She was also resolute in figuring out how everyone can be reminded of theirs or loved one’s vaccinations.  After hearing stories from friends and family of traveling more than 25 miles for a specific meningitis vaccination, she was convinced that she must undertake the task of creating a user friendly, automatize system that communicates with care providers.

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